A file system or S3 backed Pairtree library for the Vert.x tool-kit.

Using Vert.x Pairtree

To use the Vert.x Pairtree library, reference it in your project's pom.xml file.


Or, to use it with Gradle/Grails, include the following in your project's build.gradle file:

compile 'info.freelibrary:vertx-pairtree:'

Building Vert.x Pairtree

If you'd like to build the project yourself, you'll need a current JDK and Maven installed and added to your system path. You can then download a stable release or clone the project using Git. To clone the project, type:

git clone https://github.com/ksclarke/vertx-pairtree.git
cd vertx-pairtree

To build the project, type:

mvn install

To build the project's documentation, type:

mvn javadoc:javadoc

For more information, consult the "Docs" dropdown in the navigation menu at the top of the page.